ISBN: 0-9741136-3-8, Hardcover, $21.95 US ($28.95 CAN), 256 pages

EVERY GI WHO SERVED IN VIETNAM was deeply affected by the experience. This is the story of one soldier who was able to cope by seeing the humorous side of otherwise sad and depressing events. His story brings to light that, no matter how dire a situation appears to be, there is always something funny beneath the surface. From attack peacocks to brothels being run as legitimate businesses, the fun never ends. Capt. Fournier seems to always be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

     Here, for the first time, he reveals some of the things that went on that no one had any idea about. You will cry and you will laugh at the incidents that grabbed Capt. Fournier by the family jewels. This story is truly about humor in uniform.







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Excerpts from Kamikaze Peacocks & Oink, Coming of Age in an Unfunny War:
  • "You're the biggest lyin' piece of shit I've ever seen. You've been in a bar fight, right?"  Still incredulous, he eyed me with obvious disdain and disbelief. All I could do was stand there dumbly in my guard duty uniform while droplets of blood dripped down my face and  onto the floor. I took a deep breath and tried to explain again. "Wrong again, swabbie," I insisted. "Goddammit, I was attacked by peacocks."

  • This North Vietnamese colonel had made his mark with me. I was at a loss to explain. Anything I have believed in the past I now called into question in light of our conversation. Right? Wrong? Yes? No? Who had the answers? I tried to get back to the object of the interrogation, but information about enemy troop strength and locations no long seemed as important as the relationship being forged between two men on opposite sides of an ideology.

  • I brazenly replied, "Colonel, any other words just won't do. You are not authorized to enter and I will use all means at my disposal to prevent your entry." All of a sudden a wave of calm washed over me. No matter what I did, I had fellow officers and the Army regulations behind me. I became resolute and authoritative. I was going to seize the situation and take whatever actions were necessary. I had had enough bullshit from every quarter. Now I decided to follow my intuition right or wrong! "Take one more step, Sir, and the guard will have to shoot you!"

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